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Corky's - 921 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA
Corky's carries a huge selection of military surplus. We have war memorabilia, models, toys and gear, new and used, everything for the military buff or military professional. Or if you are looking for the perfect equipment for your next camping trip, Corky's is the place to go. We carry new and used camping and survival gear. Plus knives, paintball guns and supplies, metal detectors, we have what you need for the professional or the amateur.
When first planned in Colonial Virginia, the 900 block of Caroline Street was straight across from the City Hall and Market Square.

This portion of Caroline Street was part of "The King's Highway" from Charleston, SC, to Boston, MA, in Colonial times.

There was vicious hand-to-hand combat along this portion of Caroline Street during the Civil War.

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Phone: 540-373-4984 or 540-371-7932