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Logan Creek Designs - Abingdon, VA

Logan Creek Designs handcrafts reproductions of Confederate Generalsí Civil War campaign furniture. Licensed by the VMI Museum and the Museum of the Confederacy Some of Logan Creek's furniture was featured in the movie "Gods and Generals".

The story of Logan Creek's log house began before 1851 in Russell County, VA about 4 miles west of Honaker on the Hart place.  This single pen type was constructed of old growth yellow poplar logs, hand hewn and of the "half-dovetail" method of end joinery.

As evidenced by the variety of different tool marks, this house was a team effort.  On the logs we found 5 distinct adze strikes from a 2 1/2" adze to a 4 1/2" one....also evidence of a large broadaxe was noted.

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PROPRIETORS: Joe and Margret Cress