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Listen to radio broadcast of HMLLC talk about Storefront Stories


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You have visited these stores on your vacations


You have walked past them in your historic district


You have have even shopped at them several times


But did you know that each of these storefront has it's own place in American history? Did you realize your favorite old store was a victim of the Civil War, a gathering place for signers of our countries Declaration of Independence, a hang out for a famous western gun fighter, or even where a scandalous murder took place?


Look for the store with the placard on the left of this page in their window, scan the QR code and watch history come alive in front of your eyes!

What People are Saying about storefront stories?


" We stopped in town while visiting the areas Civil War battlefields. We never expected to learn so much history from stores."


"Usually I just window shop but when I stopped to scan that code and watched the fun video I just had to go in and look around."


"What a great idea! It kept my husband busy while I went in and shopped. Now he stops at every store with the sign in the window, great for me!"


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